Guide for switching to new email address

Company email will change to

  • email send to will also receive on automatically, until domain expired on Feb 2022
  • Access your email temporary at
  • username and password will be same (replace to
  • example: old email address is, will become
  • all old emails still exist in your account.

if you have problem access to your email on Outlook, please follow following guide to change your setting.

Guide – Outlook for Windows

This guide was using Microsoft Outlook 2010 as example, other version should be similar.

  1. Go to File > Info > Account Setting
  2. Select the email account and click change button.
  3. Now, update following fields:
    E-Mail Address – replace to
    Incoming mail server –
    Outgoing mail server –
    Username – replace to
    Password – ignore, password is same with old email account.
  4. Cilck on Next button on bottom left, Outlook will send test email, when finish, close all setting.
  5. Restart Outlook and you should able to use Outlook as normal, at this point you will be sending email as
    You will still receive emails send to, until Feb 2022


Guide – Outlook for Mobile

This guide was using Android as example, iOS should be similar.

  1. Launch Outlook on you mobile phone and click on top left email icon button
  2. Click on Add Account button
  3. Choose Add an account
  4. Enter your email address with ending and click continue

  5. Choose IMAP or POP3

    IMAP – Sync all your email with server. Deleting email from mobile phone will also delete the email from server or PC Outlook
    POP3 – receiving a copy of email on your device. Deleting email on your device will not effect server or PC Outlook

  6. Fill in all info accordingly. including:
    Incoming mail server –
    Incoming mail server port – 993 (IMAP), 995 (POP3)
    Outgoing mail server –
    Outgoing mail server port – 465
    Username for both incoming and outgoing –
    Password – Your original password
  7. Click Tick on top right. You can now access your mailbox. At this point, you will be sending email as
    You will still receive emails send to, until Feb 2022